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Auschwitz Concentration Camp - sleeping quarters

Auschwitz Concentration Camp - sleeping quarters
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I wonder why they don't just burn the place down, I mean do people pay money to see this!!!
hello, 31.01.2008 17.34

They dont burn it down, because it is a very important historical landmark. it shows the evils of mankind, and the suffering of the jewish people. to burn it down would be like burning down the alamo, or the eiffel tower, or the statue of liberty. Tehy're all very important in the world today, and to get rid of them, would be like trying to say that this horrible era never happened; that all those people died, and we dont have anything left to commemorate their suffering.
kita, 30.09.2008 03.39

** taht all those people died for nothing, and we didnt care enough to commenorate their suffering. sorry, i didnt proof-read, lol
kita, 30.09.2008 03.41

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